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We’re happy to announce quite a few new features in Parents Booking to start the new year. In addition to these newly released features we’re also teasing the upcoming updated admin and teacher area. See all these changes and more […]
This summer, Setyl is introducing you to a range of features that will further elevate your company’s IT management processes. From empowering managers and supervisors with tailored restrictions to streamlining activity for linked assets, their latest updates ensure efficient and […]
Previously Before and After-school programs, or Extended Day Programs (EDP) were sometimes a difficult challenge for schools to manage. Parents Booking has now started to ease the burden that these programs can sometimes cause, and makes managing bookings even simpler […]
A new year means new features and updates from Setyl. They have been putting a particular focus on improving data upload functionality which is now live! Data Upload & Update Now you can quickly upload Assets, People, Locations, Departments and […]
Coster Services is extremely excited to announce a new partnership with Setyl! Setyl is a modern, cost-effective solution to the challenge of asset management.  They offer a comprehensive solution for tracking assets, applications and spending across a company, school or […]
With schools having seen so much change to the ways they ‘connect’ and communicate with parents over the last two years, it’s worth considering where your school is on the parents’ teacher conference organization hierarchy (see graphic to the right). […]
Covid-19 has presented challenges to everyone, both to individuals and industries across the board.  In particular teachers, parents and the education system in general have been faced with constantly changing Covid restrictions and disruptions in the classroom.  While at the […]
Parent teacher conferences; they’re a universal tool used for better communication and to build relationships between schools and families. They’re an accumulation of moments of a year, a painted picture of a child’s academic achievements and well-being, and a chance […]
Coster Services is very excited to be working with Netmedia Ltd to market and sell their Parents Booking software around the world; with a particular focus on schools in the US, Canada and on international schools.  Netmedia is based in the Highlands of […]