As we move into the second year of operation of our company I feel it is a good time to reflect on 2021 and the plans we have for 2022. While in many respects we could easily say that 2021 was a crazy time to start a new company focusing on EdTech in schools, the experience has truly been rewarding and a positive build for 2022. We understand that many educators have overflowing plates at the moment and the last thing they need is something new to learn while struggling with all the demands of our Covid world. However we know that the products and services we are focusing on do provide many benefits to teachers, parents & students as we hopefully start to exit from this Omicron wave.

I want to thank educators around the world for their dedication to students wherever they may be and of course to the health care workers who continue to serve us all with such wonderful dedication over many months. In my mind good health care and education should always remain focuses of our world.  We must continue to support all of these workers who deserve every ounce of praise that we can all muster.

We continue to work with Parents Booking to provide more functionality and integration for Student Information Systems (SIS) used across North America. The latest Parents Booking product announcements are listed here:

Arranging a parent teacher conference (virtual or in-person) does not have to be a kludge of data from a SIS, e-mail, calls to translators or other third-party support staff, spreadsheets or other lists, plus video conferencing software such as Zoom or MS Teams. It can all be seamlessly integrated in one platform with Parents Booking.

Our work with Lexplore also continues and we will have some more schools using Lexplore in Canada this Spring. Lexplore uses AI and machine-learning to enable an educator to determine a student’s reading level in 3-5 minutes. With the aforementioned work load on every teacher in 2022, should it really be necessary to spend 20 minutes+ to properly assess the reading ability of a student every time the assessment is done? We also believe it is very important to uncover students with specific reading difficulties at an early age. Lexplore can help in this area too.

Finally we have been and also plan to take on smaller consulting projects with other K-12 EdTech companies in 2022.

Please reach out to us at or otherwise if you feel we might be able to help you in anyway this year.

Please stay safe and healthy,

Frank Coster