We’re happy to announce quite a few new features in Parents Booking to start the new year. In addition to these newly released features we’re also teasing the upcoming updated admin and teacher area. See all these changes and more below!

More new features when inviting parents to book
Now you can search by parents who have been invited or not, and filter/search for parents more easily. We are also mail merging the student and parent/carers’ login info into the default invite message – although you can remove this if you want. This is particularly helpful where a school uses the login by username/password method, because it tells parents their login and that makes it easier for them to reset their first-time password and login.

Assign events and clubs to teachers
You can now select multiple teachers who can be assigned to an event or club, meaning that it shows on their Dashboard when they login.

Parents/carers can use vouchers to pay for events/clubs
Where the government or other school-approved vouchers can be used by parents to pay for or towards events, clubs and wraparound care, there is new functionality to allow a school to assign these vouchers’ value to the parent, giving them a ‘voucher balance’ only they can see, and lets a parent spend this balance (until it has been used) rather having to pay.

Admin User/Pass Resetting: We’ve made it easier for Admin users to request a password reset via the login page.

Reminder/Info Emails CC’d to All Admins: Account and other reminder emails will now be CC’d to all Admin users, rather than the main admin.

Coming Soon:

  1. Brand new admin and teacher area website design (see screenshot above)
  2. Fixing a bug which meant that event and club booking Opens dates/times were not adjusting for international schools’ time zones.
  3. We’re making it even easier to add students to a parents’ evening by class code, custom group, year group or similar via the Edit the Students page
  4. We’re building a bigger, better, more functional attendance section, which will be a big help for managing both in-person and video parents’ evenings live / on the day
  5. We’re building a graphical interface that show teacher availability in a really intuitive way
  6. We’re building a new page in the parents area called “My Bookings” which summarizes all of the events/clubs a parent has booked, bought or subscribed their child(ren) to
  7. We’re currently implementing a Microsoft Office365 / oAuth 2.0 single sign-on (SSO) login for teachers
  8. We’ll also expand our new ‘Unsubscribe’/RSVP functionality so that it collects more information about why a parent will not attend.