Coster Services is very excited to be working with Netmedia Ltd to market and sell their Parents Booking software around the world; with a particular focus on schools in the US, Canada and on international schools. 

Netmedia is based in the Highlands of Scotland and Parents-Booking is now used by over 2,000 schools in more than 15 countries. 

We know that many schools are now looking for solutions or better options for virtual or “hybrid” (virtual and in-person) parent-teacher conferences. Parents Booking does not require you to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams or other platforms as the video capabilities are built into the solution. No additional challenging or time-consuming steps to integrate with a third-party video system or apps to be downloaded for use on a mobile device. 

Parents Booking is proven to increase schools’ parental engagement and attendance at parent conferences, allowing parents to pick appointment times that suit them and enabling parents and teachers to join video conferences from home or work. 

In addition, with hosting options in the UK, US and Canada we will be able to address security and privacy concerns for schools around the world. Please contact us at: if you would like to find out more about Parents Booking!

Patrick Coster