A new year means new features and updates from Setyl. They have been putting a particular focus on improving data upload functionality which is now live!

Data Upload & Update

Now you can quickly upload Assets, People, Locations, Departments and Legal Entities into your Setyl account. Do this by uploading a CSV, XLSX or XLS file, or copy and paste the data into the prompted box. The process is as simple as aligning your data’s headers with the fields in Setyl. This makes it super easy to import your data from spreadsheets or any HR, Accounting package or MDM service into Setyl.

Existing clients will be pleased to know that they can download data from Setyl into a spreadsheet and then easily upload that data set back into Setyl.

You’ll find this under the big blue plus button in the top right of the screen.

Improved mapping flows

The synchronization of data from HR tools and Google/Microsoft has been improved to ensure that you only need to enter and maintain your data in one system. This reduces your workload and ensures data accuracy is maintained. You can choose which information you’d like to import from each source. For example, you might select “Name”, “Job Title” and “Join Date” to import from your HR package, but leave “Location”, “Department” and “Legal Entity” to populate from your Email service.

Expanded Asset Survey questions

Asset Surveys have been expanded to allow staff to flag whether they need all the Assets they have been provided. This will increase the amount of Assets recovered:

  • Reducing your spend by redistributing existing company-owned Assets
  • Improving your sustainability metrics
  • Reducing clutter in your employee’s home

    Coming soon:

    Subscription Management developments

    Setyl is working hard to improve the Subscription Management side of the platform. You’ll soon be able to easily store license details for each application that has been discovered in your organization.

    Activity Log Makeover

    February will also welcome major improvements to the Activity Log.

    We look forward to continuing to work with Setyl to improve the way companies are managing their IT assets and are excited to see what else is to come in 2023!